• Something from Nothing

    A year ago we were in the throes of bringing Reverie Living to life as a bricks and mortar boutique. After we found the perfect location to launch this deep-seated dream in the Lower Highlands (LoHi) neighborhood, we had to stay on our toes to get ready for a fall open. No problem – we had gathered the dream team. Or rather, they gathered themselves.

    There’s a tradition in the performing arts field that upon completing the renovation of a theater or concert hall, the trades- and crafts-people who have worked on the project are given a concert all to themselves. This “Hard Hat” concert, as they may be called, celebrates the hard work of the people who have brought their own skills and artistry to bear on a venue that in turn will celebrate the creative arts for years to come.

    This post is our Hard Hat Concert. Here’s to the incredible designers, trades- and crafts-people who turned our reverie into a reality. We started with nothing and ended up with something better than we ever imagined.  Bravo!

    Here’s to you:

    Eric Hines, Honest Bros, Graphic Design   

    Jessica Hood, Interior Design

    Ryan Dirksen, Where Wood Meets Steel, Custom Millwork

    Jon Collins, Providence Construction, General Contractor







  • Plan B: An Introduction

    Six months ago today my reverie became a reality. A question that I am frequently asked, particularly by people who know me fairly well is, why open a boutique? I have spent 25 years in nonprofit management, and as wonderful and meaningful as those years have been, it was time for a change. A radical change.

    Ironically, shopping has never been one of my most favorite pursuits. But I am passionate about inspiring experiences, especially unplanned ones that just happen. Like walking into a shop that makes your heart skip a beat right at the threshold. And then finding something inside that’s absolutely perfect – for you or someone in your life. At Reverie Living, we are committed to providing such an experience while showcasing great design with function; quality with affordability. And what I ended up discovering in this process, is that I love shopping for you.

    Functional Design Provisions – that’s my Plan B. What’s yours?


     Hand-made notebooks from Make My Notebook, Sara Blette, Denver Artist & Designer

    Available at Reverie Living