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  • Here and Now

    Contemporary products are our MO. They represent the best ideas rolling off the conveyor belts of today’s creative minds. If one meaning of contemporary is “existing or occurring at the present time,” then we want to be part of celebrating that. It’s all about the here and now. 

    The Working Class Studio embodies this concept. We first heard about them from some local shops that carried an assortment of their whimsical Puffy Frames. Then, when we saw the broader range of the kinds of products they offer in person in NYC, we were hooked – literally.


    These coat racks in particular caught our eye. Why waste wall space with humdrum hooks when a colorful homage to the zipper will keep you just as organized?

    What we really love about Working Class Studio, a product development venture of the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), is that it brings to market great design ideas from students and faculty. Whether at SCAD or in a basement or office building somewhere, designers are working to enhance or even change the way we interact with each other and our environments. We want to take advantage of that – to bring good design to you and your home.

    We all deserve a little something beautiful and out of the ordinary. Who knows what tomorrow may bring, so let’s embrace the best of the here and now.