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  • 5280

    A sense of place is connected to personal experiences, feelings, and physical environments. For me, coming back to Colorado and Denver is a homecoming of the heart. I was born here and married here, with a life built in between in the Midwest and then beyond for the balance of my adult life.

    When we opened Reverie Living, I wanted to celebrate our mile high city with something distinct and recognizable to residents and visitors alike, but just a silhouette of the mountains wouldn’t do. To be the mile high city is to be 5280. It’s everywhere, why not on jewelry?

    We are pleased to introduce our expanding line of 5280 jewelry made in partnership with Hot Mama Designs and Sugar Soul Studios exclusively for Reverie Living. 

    Sterling silver necklaces, delicate leather wrap bracelets, or key chains help us celebrate the spirit of where we are. And if we can’t be here, let them be tokens to remind us of this, our place.


  • Plan B: An Introduction

    Six months ago today my reverie became a reality. A question that I am frequently asked, particularly by people who know me fairly well is, why open a boutique? I have spent 25 years in nonprofit management, and as wonderful and meaningful as those years have been, it was time for a change. A radical change.

    Ironically, shopping has never been one of my most favorite pursuits. But I am passionate about inspiring experiences, especially unplanned ones that just happen. Like walking into a shop that makes your heart skip a beat right at the threshold. And then finding something inside that’s absolutely perfect – for you or someone in your life. At Reverie Living, we are committed to providing such an experience while showcasing great design with function; quality with affordability. And what I ended up discovering in this process, is that I love shopping for you.

    Functional Design Provisions – that’s my Plan B. What’s yours?


     Hand-made notebooks from Make My Notebook, Sara Blette, Denver Artist & Designer

    Available at Reverie Living