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  • Art Feast in Cherry Creek North

    Join us this Saturday for a stroll through the neighborhood and enjoy free artistic offerings and refreshments at participating galleries and shops. 

    We are pleased to host Lizzie Greco, the designer and artist behind Craftbelly and Papergirl for a pop-up of her work. We'll also have bites and bevvies! Can't think of a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

  • Cherry Creek Arts Festival

    A week to be festive! The Cherry Creek Arts Festival opens on Friday, July 6 and runs through Sunday, July 8. We will be open during the festival and also participating this year in Bubbles & Bites on Saturday morning. Join us that day from 8:30 - 10:30 am for refreshments and a stroll through the streets before the crowds gather. 

    We will be closed on Wednesday for the July 4th Holiday - enjoy!

  • Holiday Giving

    We experience the joys and challenges of holiday giving right alongside our customers every day. The discovery of the perfect gift; the agonizing over what to get the person who has everything - we got you!

    We strive year-round to feature distinctive products that speak to the desire in all of us to create meaning in our own and others' lives. In the days ahead, we'll feature products on our blog that will help bring the joy to your gift giving, including this line of beautiful stainless steel homewares from Magppie. We suggest you pick one of these for yourself, too! 

  • New Fall Apparel

    A friend "in the know" in the fashion world observed recently that it's all about "sleeve drama." We've seen this for a couple of seasons now, and what that means to us is it's all about "the details." This fall is no exception. Drama, details - whatever you call it, we call it lovely.


  • Join us during the Cherry Creek Arts Festival

    Independence Day weekend and the Cherry Creek Arts Festival go hand in hand in our 'hood! It's a great time to stroll the streets of Cherry Creek North and take in the juried art by artists from all over the US.

    We'll be open throughout the Festival, Saturday July 1 through Monday July 3, and closed on July 4. Stop by and say "hiya!" and check out some of our favorite new products and designs in the shop this summer.

  • Father's Day 2016

    There are no ordinary fathers out there. Each one makes his mark in distinctive ways. Treat the fathers in your life to designs as distinctive as they are. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:


    Socks from Conscious Step will help him stand out from the crowd while providing funds to four different charities, from safe drinking water to therapeutic food packs for children. How about geometric coasters for the dad who loves to entertain in style?

    A crossbody bag of fine German design from Olbrish will keep his tablet, phone, water bottle and other misc. necessities collected and contained for a day on the go. And brass money clips from Beehive Handmade make a big statement while keeping a small profile in the pocket.

    More distinctive options for dads along with greeting cards are in the store now. Come visit us at our new location in Cherry Creek North!

  • Meet the Artist - Lizzie Greco of Craftbelly

    We immediately fell for the contemporary designs of Lizzie Greco's Craftbelly paper products and knew that they would fit perfectly into our customers' lives. As part of our occasional Meet the Artist blog series, we're pleased to provide a peek into her background and what fuels the engine of her talent and inspiration. 

    How did you get started in designing and making your products – how did you learn to do what you do? 

    After going to school for graphic design and working in the field for a couple of years, I ended up working at a stationery store in Chicago where we were given the unique opportunity to sell items that we had made ourselves. I was in love with the beautiful decorative papers we sold there and began covering wood frames with it and selling them in the store. Those first frames were really crude and I had no idea at the time I wanted to turn it into a business, but it became such a great outlet to work with my hands and I just kept at it. After a couple of years of selling online and in craft shows and really perfecting my skills and process, I decided I wanted to design my own patterns and do this thing for real! This next step came naturally to me as it satisfied both the designer and craftswoman in me! 

    Where do you find your inspiration – how do you come up with your design ideas?

    I have always been drawn to bold and colorful patterns, especially graphic ones. I usually just keep an ongoing inspiration board of pattern and color combos that excite me, whether they be from paper, textiles, wallpaper, rugs, you name it! My most recent collection was inspired by more natural elements, specifically the mountains, stars and flowers. I wanted to create a more graphic take on the things in real life that truly inspire me all the time!

    What are some design elements and/or products you are particularly excited about right now – both for your own work and what you're seeing from others?

    I am constantly amazed by artists who block print their own patterns onto paper and fabric. I think it's a wonderfully tactile process and I would imagine takes much more time and precision than most print methods. It really makes you appreciate the final product and I think it's awesome that artists are able to create their goods so thoughtfully and make a living from it! In terms of my own work, I have recently collaborated with Seattle based artist Cristina Miglino of Conjure Movement, where we screen printed a small collection of her hand drawn illustrations to be made into frames. I'm really excited to create products with these new designs as they are quite different from my own patterns but still translate quite nicely into my product line. 

    What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs in creative industries, especially those starting out?

    You truly need to enjoy and be passionate about what you are creating, because at some point you will become bogged down by all the other necessary and difficult but not very exciting parts of running a business. You won't actually be creating all the time, so when you are actually making or designing the things you are presenting and selling, you want to be able to find yourself over and over again in that process and be inspired to continue. I think that helps me get through the stuff I'm not so great at or don't necessarily take great pleasure in, such as accounting, marketing, etc., because I know it's all going towards the greater good of these products I am making that I love so much and want to share with the world. 

  • Summer Collection Happy Hour

    The addition of women's apparel to our contemporary lifestyle store was a natural progression and one our customers have embraced. Our 2015 Summer Collection is particularly lovely, featuring many brands designed and made in the US, including Prairie Underground, CP Shades, and NYTT, to name just a few. The linen shirt dress pictured here from CP Shades is perfect for weekend strolling and patio parties.

    Join us on Friday, June 5 from 5:00 - 7:00 for a special Happy Hour celebtraing summer, and take home a couple of distinctive pieces to add to your summer wardrobe.

  • Loll Designs Outdoor Furniture at RL - September Sale

    Even though we're heading into fall, this amazing furniture can stay outside all year long. Made in the US out of recycled milk bottles, you don't have to haul it in and out to avoid the elements. It will even withstand the high altitude Colorado sun! All Loll pieces are 15% off with free shipping when ordered before the end of September.

  • Artist Interview with Helen Peterson of Cloth+Ink

    Welcome to another post in our ongoing conversations with the artists, designers, and craftspeople behind the products at Reverie Living. Here Helen Peterson of Cloth+Ink shares the impetus behind the boutique textile company she has created here in Colorado. 

    How did you get started - how did you learn to do what you do?

    Since childhood I've been surrounded by women working with fabrics.  My grandmother ran a fabric store on the high street and my mum made all of our clothes.  In high school I began screen printing textiles and fell in love with this art, propelling me onto a path of textile studies at university in the UK.  There I gained a wealth of knowledge from fiber manufacture to store merchandising. I've worked in fiber research and clothing manufacturing and now I'm putting that knowledge and experience into my own mini textile enterprise here in Colorado.


    Where do you find your inspiration - how do you come up with your design ideas, for both the fabric and the products themselves?

    I love being outdoors snapping photos and most of my inspiration comes from elements in these photographs.  I look for pattern mainly in nature but also from time to time in architecture as well.  I begin a design with a watercolor or sketch and play with how an element can be worked into a repeating pattern.  Because my designs are from organic inspirations, it has become important for me to carry this element through to the fabric bases I print on, which are all organic hemp and cotton blends.  I'm obsessed with the “hand” or feel of a fabric as well as its performance factors.  The aim for my products is for them to be useful and practical whilst looking beautiful.

    What are some design elements and/or products you are particularly excited about right now - both for your own work and what you're seeing from others?

    In my own work I'm excited about my move to organic fabrics.  I feel this has completed the circle with my work and I intend to continue with this in the future.  As for the work of others, I have a crush on all things wood right now, particularly walnut, with hints of mid-century influences.  I'm drawn to things made from natural, earthy materials like wood and stoneware, products that I have none of the skills or know how to make myself. 

    What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs in creative industries? 

    Follow your vision, be clear on it but be flexible along the way.  Be open to mistakes as these are often the best learning points and listen to the feedback from others, as your work will be perceived in more ways than just your own intentions. 

  • Gift Ideas with Style and Function

    Our piggy banks may be feeling lighter at this time of the year, but that doesn't mean we have to sacrifice style and function in our gift giving. Here are a few ideas - all at or under $50!

    The Chalk Board Clock ($50) allows you to customize messages throughout the day and week (chalk included!). The glass carafe from Bormioli Rocco ($45) is a beautiful addition to your table for water or wine, or maybe changing water into wine? The stylish wine coat ($30) will keep your favorite bottle cellar temperature even for a picnic on a warm day. And the simple elegance of the dove salt and pepper shakers ($34) speaks (or coos) for itself. Finally, previously-used chopsticks find new life as a folding basket ($34) to keep fruit or whatever you need organized in check.

  • September Sale on Loll Designs

    We recently started carrying outdoor furniture from Loll Designs, a contemporary furniture company out of Duluth, MN. And just in time for an annual sale on all of their products! 15% off everything ordered before the end of September, with only a two-week production lead time.

    These pieces are made of recycled milk bottles and are low maintenance and super durable. Lots of different styles and colors to choose from.

    Stop in today to make your selections!




  • Something from Something Else

    Remember when the thought of products made from recycled materials brought to mind gum-wrapper necklaces and bottle-cap studded picture frames?  Maybe I just wasn’t paying attention back then, but it feels like we’ve come a long, innovative way.

    Necktie Wallets made by Jetsam

    We didn’t set out to have a “recycled goods” store – nor do we exclusively have one now. But in sourcing contemporary, functional home and personal accessories for the store, we soon encountered a number of amazing design-forward artisans and producers who work with materials that had a previous life. And the results are fresh and beautiful. Here are just a few of our customers’ favorites so far.

    Wood homewares made from mango trees after they have completed
    their 20-30 year fruit bearing cycle from Enrico Products.

    Belts, dopp kits, wallets, and other recycled bicycle tube
    accessories from Alchemy Goods.

    Glass plates from artist Laurence made from post-industrial recycled glass
    (and she makes the beautiful boxes they come in, too!)


  • Here and Now

    Contemporary products are our MO. They represent the best ideas rolling off the conveyor belts of today’s creative minds. If one meaning of contemporary is “existing or occurring at the present time,” then we want to be part of celebrating that. It’s all about the here and now. 

    The Working Class Studio embodies this concept. We first heard about them from some local shops that carried an assortment of their whimsical Puffy Frames. Then, when we saw the broader range of the kinds of products they offer in person in NYC, we were hooked – literally.


    These coat racks in particular caught our eye. Why waste wall space with humdrum hooks when a colorful homage to the zipper will keep you just as organized?

    What we really love about Working Class Studio, a product development venture of the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), is that it brings to market great design ideas from students and faculty. Whether at SCAD or in a basement or office building somewhere, designers are working to enhance or even change the way we interact with each other and our environments. We want to take advantage of that – to bring good design to you and your home.

    We all deserve a little something beautiful and out of the ordinary. Who knows what tomorrow may bring, so let’s embrace the best of the here and now.

  • Ask a Designer

    May Happy Hour
    Wednesday, May 29, 2013
    5:00 - 7:00 p.m.

    If you love the interior of Reverie Living as much as we do, now's your chance to meet the designer responsible (our wizard behind the curtain)! Join us on Wednesday, May 29 for Happy Hour and to meet Jessica Hood, interior designer extraordinaire. She'll be available to chat with you and answer any questions about design in general or things to think about for your own home.


  • Plan B: An Introduction

    Six months ago today my reverie became a reality. A question that I am frequently asked, particularly by people who know me fairly well is, why open a boutique? I have spent 25 years in nonprofit management, and as wonderful and meaningful as those years have been, it was time for a change. A radical change.

    Ironically, shopping has never been one of my most favorite pursuits. But I am passionate about inspiring experiences, especially unplanned ones that just happen. Like walking into a shop that makes your heart skip a beat right at the threshold. And then finding something inside that’s absolutely perfect – for you or someone in your life. At Reverie Living, we are committed to providing such an experience while showcasing great design with function; quality with affordability. And what I ended up discovering in this process, is that I love shopping for you.

    Functional Design Provisions – that’s my Plan B. What’s yours?


     Hand-made notebooks from Make My Notebook, Sara Blette, Denver Artist & Designer

    Available at Reverie Living