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  • Something from Something Else

    Remember when the thought of products made from recycled materials brought to mind gum-wrapper necklaces and bottle-cap studded picture frames?  Maybe I just wasn’t paying attention back then, but it feels like we’ve come a long, innovative way.

    Necktie Wallets made by Jetsam

    We didn’t set out to have a “recycled goods” store – nor do we exclusively have one now. But in sourcing contemporary, functional home and personal accessories for the store, we soon encountered a number of amazing design-forward artisans and producers who work with materials that had a previous life. And the results are fresh and beautiful. Here are just a few of our customers’ favorites so far.

    Wood homewares made from mango trees after they have completed
    their 20-30 year fruit bearing cycle from Enrico Products.

    Belts, dopp kits, wallets, and other recycled bicycle tube
    accessories from Alchemy Goods.

    Glass plates from artist Laurence made from post-industrial recycled glass
    (and she makes the beautiful boxes they come in, too!)